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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenwarrior View Post
    I think a lot of that problem would go away if you just say you must be wielding the item for at least 1 round to gain its benefit.

    Mind you, that brings Mage's Weapon abuse to my mind. A rule like item encounter and daily powers can only be used once, even if you have multiple items with that power, until the power is recharged should cover it.

    You're right. This needs 2 fixes IMO. 1) The suggested house rule on the handbook of broken seems to fix the problem with this specific power.

    2) Add a rule that encounter and daily powers can only be used at most 1/turn, even if they aren't expended.
    Keep in mind that these are individual examples. I like my fix in that it is universal and addresses virtually all such issues, with minimal exceptions that require DM adjudication (either because it's too lenient, or too constricting).

    Bag of Rats doesn't really address the dragonborn breath recovery situation, since it talks about hits or reducing a target 0 hp. It would cover it if you add "take damage from a target" to the line. Which is more or less what my house rule is about.
    It does in the sense that the Breath power needs to hit to deal damage of its type.