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    Aer the Raven

    That Imperious man was... strange in fact calling him a man might be a slight disregard to his obvious physique he was not a man. But Aer decided to go along the path that the eccentric marked.

    -Aer, called the Raven, if there is going to be a story to tell and fight to take count me in.

    The nine blades were not alien to the Raven, he had heard of them while he sword danced under the patronage of Cela, his purpose in fact could be the same, maybe that refounding was his objective. Maybe. Who knows? The way of the sword was a tricky path, a straight path but tricky none the less.

    He listens to the name of his companions with interests, noting them down mentally. Annabel the High Errun, at first he had taken her for an elf, but she was not. Oro d'Wee follower of Wee Jas, and probably a combat medic, nice to have someone other than myself to patch me up. Cerran the Grey and a follower of Mystra, by the grace of Cela, how many deities of magic had interests in that small conclave. The next one to introduce himself, was Rev's friend, Conner the Iron Lotus, that might be a clever nickname.

    A sound got to the ears of Aer interrupting his interests in the coterie his eyes follow his ears and looks at Luthor, recognizing him pretty fast for who he was. He seemed to have serious business to conduct with Cerran.

    When the half giant reaches for the door Aer moves its shoulder so the raven takes places and flies to the common room perching itself in the ceiling, keeping an eye not only on the people there but also in the door, just in case.

    5000 gold pieces, total, doesn't seem much, but that might not be the hook, at least not the hook that he was going to bit. He found much more interest in being able to get information directly from the duke. And of course, the letters of marque were really interesting.

    -Sir Luthor I can swear to not bear arms against Antric, unless Antric raises arms against me. I might be able to avoid a conflict or two, but won't be able to survive a generation without wielding the sword if I were to fell from the grace of the Duke. I mention this because I am no oath breaker and I don't intend to make an oath that I cannot keep.

    Antric was also a too general concept for my taste, I'll make sure to swear to not bear arms against the duke, nor Antric, didn't want to be unable to take my blade to any throat cutter wearing an Antric cloth. A sword, information about a sword, maybe that was indeed the path.

    The raven familiar is outside reading actions to make spot/listen checks to anyone acting suspiciously
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