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It does make sense, it made sense since the beginning

How does this interact with characters that start at level higher than 1?

For example can a fighter human starting at level 6 use his 70 feat points at level 6? That would make him meet more prerequisites of said feats.

Additionally what do you really intend to do with this system, I mean, each time the character get feats they get 10 feat points, but most of the feats that you propose cost less than 10 feat points, the fighter already has a lot of feats (he can have more this way, he probably doesn't see a lot of benefit) but spellcasters can get metamagic for less than a feat this way. It seems that the spellcasters get more goodies out of this than the mundane.
After I get the pricings worked out, I might try modifying the system. Gaining three "Feat Points" a level seems like a nicer way to go. That's a little less than SKR gave, but my feats are also cheaper on average, and three FP per level still likely balances out to more total FP than you'd have otherwise. The only question is how many additional FP to start with, and whether to do anything about classes that offer bonus feats at non-regular intervals, like Monk and Rogue.

I don't think mages benefit inordinately. Fighters do suffer, because feats in general become a bit cheaper and more accessible for everyone, but that doesn't affect other martial classes. And it's my experience that martial classes are traditionally a whole lot more feat-starved than spellcasters. A Wizard can do just fine with hardly any feats, but a Rogue really has to battle to get it all in. Increasing the availability of feats in general favours non-casters, in my opinion.