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This sounds really interesting.
But some questions came up for me:
1) Rapid Reload and Rapid Shot, what is the reasoning for RR being 1 point more expensive? It doesn't really shine that much, as the kinds of crossbow you can use for free action fighting are still gonna be limited, heavies requiring a DM houserule that you can take it twice, or enchantments that pretty much make the feat moot if I am not mistaken (There was a reloading enchant somewhere I believe). With that in mind, wouldn't Rapid Shot be superior? Even more so, because in a crossbow build were you can freely reload, you can also use Rapid Shot.
2) Do you plan to make expansions to the list for other feats available in the homunguous list of feats we have available to select from?
1) Fixed. Don't know how that happened.

2) Probably not every feat from every book; I believe there's at least 3000! But if other people help contribute, I'll certainly add it in.