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Mostly, though, I just eyeballed:
  • 10 FP: this feat is excellent, a high priority for any relevant characters
  • 8 FP: this feat opens up some new tactical possibilities or expands existing ones significantly
  • 6 FP: this feat is decent, but the sort of thing you'd otherwise pass over for lack of feat slots
  • 4 FP: this feat is weak, and generally not worth thinking about except for highly specialized builds
I think you've mostly followed this a bit too slavishly, without allowance for extra benefits or limitations. For instance, Manyshot does open up some additional possibilities, but it also limits precision damage. So an 8 point score is too high. On the other hand, in some cases you've ignored those considerations. As an example, Two-Weapon Fighting doesn't meet the qualification for its high rank. Anyone (even a level 1 Commoner) wielding a second weapon can make an additional attack as part of a full attack; the feat only reduces the associated penalties without creating any new possibilities.