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Thread: Fixing SKR's Feat Point System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seerow View Post
    I'd recommend taking a few of the 100% necessary must have feats (like power attack) and just baking them into the baseline. Forcing characters to spend 10 points on power attack is mean given how every character who ever wants to pick up a melee weapon needs it.

    I'd also recommend a lower low end. Like Endurance, Run, and skill bonus feats are such bull**** feats, it should be 1-2 points, not even 4. Yes this means you can pick up endurance, and 4-9 other feats just like it for the price of one feat. This is actually fair, because nobody would take those feats even at 4 points.

    One other thing I'd suggest is rather than giving 10 points with every feat, just give a flat +5 feat points every level, with 10 at level 1. It makes things more granular and lets people feel like they're getting something each level, while still keeping the same number of total points gained. (You could do the same thing with the Fighter, having the Fighter gain +5 feat points every level, so you don't get those dead levels).

    On the other hand, I would totally get rid of Wizard Bonus feats altogether. ESPECIALLY since the list posted has pretty much all Crafting and Metamagic feats down to 6-8 points. I mean really, not even Quicken Spell is worth a full feat? That seems kind of messed up.

    Also I disagree with spring attack being worth 10 points, even with Dodge+Mobility being down to 10 points. It really isn't a great feat unless you're planning on rewriting it.
    Metamagic (including Quicken) is relatively cheap because it carries its own cost. Most reducers are feats themselves and you can bet the price tag on those will be high, and without reducers most metamagic isn't that great.

    On hindsight though, Power Attack also carries its own cost, and should be devalued accordingly. What do you recommend? And, what do you recommend for Spring Attack?

    (And I had a very similar idea to yours with adding granularity. I'm not sure why SKR didn't. Right now I'm just trying to work out the pricing based on his system; anything more would have to be over in Homebrew, I guess.)
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