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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofzeal View Post
    Metamagic (including Quicken) is relatively cheap because it carries its own cost. Most reducers are feats themselves and you can bet the price tag on those will be high, and without reducers most metamagic isn't that great.

    On hindsight though, Power Attack also carries its own cost, and should be devalued accordingly. What do you recommend? And, what do you recommend for Spring Attack?

    (And I had a very similar idea to yours with adding granularity. I'm not sure why SKR didn't. Right now I'm just trying to work out the pricing based on his system; anything more would have to be over in Homebrew, I guess.)
    I would keep power attack at 10 tought. It opens up Shock Trooper and Leap Attack, grab Battle Jump and Blink Shirt + Pounce. You can now full attack 2x every round... for a retarded ammount of damage. Sure I am taking a built into consideration, but Power Attack opens up all of those options. As such, it does fit the 10 pricing. Some of the others due to reqs are just 8s or 6s. (Shape Soul Meld being a definite 10)

    Metamagic isn't so good for non sorcerers in core. And even them see limited use for it, exactly because of its cost, and it being steep. Metamagic only gets to 8+ power when you stack loads of it due to metamagic enhacers. Which are specialized builds, making the most of the small tools.
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