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If the opponent has no Sense Motive ranks and 10 Wisdom, they will still disbelieve a Bluff check of 4 80% of the time.

Also, for Rogues missing with attacks - why not just finagle some touch attacks to hit with? A simple 1-level dip into Pyrokineticist gives you both the means of making easy hits, and the reach to avoid some enemy counterattacks.
Because then your sneak attack is always fire damage, and you are damned to hell if you face a red wyrm. But hey, that is one way to work around missing. Also, pyrokneticist doesn't seems to be able to TWF.
Hitting stuff is not a rogue problem, everyone but the casters will need solid investment to go past creatures AC after a while, its expected you find ways to hit stuff. TWF needs a bit more of investment on this than using a two hander. But the guy using a two hander, unless abusing shock trooper, needs heavy investment on to-hit too, or else he can't power attack at all.
And if you can't hit your power attack, there is no damage, or so I hear anyway.
But indeed, resolving stuff as touch attacks is a nice way to do it, I just didn't want to make custom item of wraithstrike. That would be cheating =p