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This is Slice McDicey, a rogue 11/Swordsage 1/rogue 8.
First Level: Mage Slayer
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Prerequisite: Spellcraft 2 ranks, base attack bonus +3.
BAB +3 at 1st level?
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12th Level:Shadow Blade Technique
Also not legal.
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Prerequisite: One Shadow Hand stance.
Step 7. Feats must come before step 9. Class Features in the Level Advancement sequence (see Player's Handbook on pages 58-59), so you can't satisfy the feat prerequisite.
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Stances Known: Assassin Stance (Swordsage level was delayed to get this stance due to non initiator's class counting as half initiator levels)
Regardless of initiator level, you follow the rule for what stance you get at Swordsage 1:
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Stances Known: You begin play with knowledge of one 1st-level stance from any discipline open to you.
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First and foremost: Collar of Continuous Umbral Metamorphosis (22k) - Hide in Plain Sight, Darkvision, minor Resistance to Cold, Superior Low Light Vision, a speed bonus and a racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently? And this thing was in the bargain bin because?
That Dark Creature template's Hide in Plain Sight doesn't overcome the need for cover/concealment in order to use the Hide skill, and you only can guarantee cover/concealment for 1 round per combat with Cloak of Deception and only if you've got a swift action available ─ though that still won't work in daylight.
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Scabbard of Greater Magic Weapon (2): Once per day, when drawing your weapon from this, you can activate the effect of the spell Greater Magic Weapon(CL 20) upon it.
Bogus nonexistent custom magic item.
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Dorje of Offensive Precognition At 17th Manifester level (+6 insight bonus to Attack)- 114,750
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The manifester level of a dorje cannot be more than five higher than the minimum manifester level to use the power it contains.
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Now kind sir who loves rogues... I beg of you...
There are just so many rules violations that I'm not going to bother with any more of this.