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Multiple attacks as a standard action is danged impressive according to everything I've seen (which is admittedly not much compared to professional optimizers, or even people who get to play every week for a year or so; I am sadly not one of those people).
Multiple attacks with just a standard action? Not too hard to come by:
  • Manyshot feat
  • Improved Trip feat
  • Cleave feat
  • Snap Kick feat
  • Bounding Assault feat
  • Splitting weapon property
  • Skirmisher Boots magic item
  • Claw Gloves magic item
  • Animate Plants spell
  • Control Plants spell
  • Control Undead spell
  • Evardís Black Tentacles spell
  • Giant Vermin spell
  • Insect Plague spell
  • Meteor Swarm spell
  • Scorching Ray spell

Any number of area effect spells will also "attack" multiple targets with a standard action casting, but I only listed spells which feature actual attack rolls, either by the spellcaster directly or by multiple entities under their control.