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The Tenebrous Apostate prestige class requires you to worship Tenebrous as a god, and it requires you to be able to turn/rebuke undead. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to be Neutral with respect to Good and Evil and get Turn/Rebuke Undead other than being a cleric. If you're a cleric, and you worship Tenebrous as a god, I would assume you have to be a cleric of Tenebrous. Tenebrous is Neutral Evil (despite having once been a Chaotic Evil demon), according to his description in Tome of Magic. Clerics must be within one alignment step of their god, and True Neutral is not a valid option; thusly clerics of a Neutral Evil deity are always Evil themselves. Given all this, even though the PrC's entry requirements are listed as "Any nongood", I see no way to qualify for the class without being Evil. (The question would then be "Have I missed anything?")
I fail to see how you can't be True Neutral. TN clerics can worship NE deities.
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A cleric may not be neutral unless his deity’s alignment is also neutral.
Cleric is (true) neutral. Deity is neutral (evil). Everything is fine.