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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXI

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    A138 additional You're missing the various other ways to get turn/rebuke. See the list of stuff (I linked the most updated version I could find).

    Cleric 1
    Paladin 4
    Blackguard 3, ecl, command or rebuke only
    Sacred Exorcist 1, ecl 8, Complete Divine, turn only
    Ur-priest 2, ecl 7, Complete Divine, rebuke only
    Divine Mind 4, Complete Divine, class variant (here)
    Dread Necromancer 1, base class, Heroes of Horror, rebuke only
    Death Delver 1, ecl 6, Heroes of Horror, rebuke only
    Chameleon 3, ecl 8, Races of Destiny, see text
    Master of Radiance 1, ecl 6, Libris Mortin, turn only - unclear whether you gain turning or if it only stacks
    Tenebrous, vestige, ecl 7, Tome of Magic, unlimited use but see text
    Knight of the Raven 3, ecl 7, Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
    Apostle of Peace 1, ecl 8, Book of Exalted Deeds
    Soldier of Light 1, ecl 6, Deities and Demigods
    Deadgrim 1, ecl 6, Magic of Eberron - unclear whethero you gain turning or if it only stacks
    EDIT - swordsaged by Curmudgeon! Almost word for word too!
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