If feats are being assigned a value, I'd like to see the lower end of the scale used more. There are some hilariously terrible feats out there.
Like the +2/+2 skill feats. I can't imagine the situation where I'd like to risk delaying my Mounted Combat line in favor of one.

I'd be pricing them at something like 2...

Increasing the availability of feats in general favours non-casters, in my opinion.
Not sure I agree with this being true in general. This is true at the extreme feat shortage end of the scale, where the spellcasters can actually contribute without using feats, while the (non-ToB) melee characters can barely do anything but hack away with their 1d8+4 longsword.
But it changes a bit once the feat shortage is less than critical, IMO. Some spellcasting feats are really, really strong, and easy to cherry-pick.

I don't think increasing feat availability necessarily benefits the casters more, but I wouldn't trust it closing the gap very much.

Especially when Empower Spell is cheaper than Weapon Finesse.