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    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    BAB +3 at 1st level? Also not legal.
    Sure, switch this with blind fight, it was a distraction from the rogue 20 build I made to free up some feat slots, and one of the feats not require, but fun to have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    Step 7. Feats must come before step 9. Class Features in the Level Advancement sequence (see Player's Handbook on pages 58-59), so you can't satisfy the feat prerequisite.
    I posted the order I took the levels, at 12th, its when he took swordsage 1, which, by the way, grants a stance known and 6 manuevers knows.
    Lets say Island of Blades, due to your next point, to which I'll concede.

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    Regardless of initiator level, you follow the rule for what stance you get at Swordsage 1:
    Sure, I'll concede to this point by RAW.
    As such lets switch some feats around:
    Lvl 10: Craven (In place of Crippling strike, since I am going for raw damage, and stuff can be immune to this anyway)
    Lvl 13: Martial Stance (Assassin Stance)

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    That Dark Creature template's Hide in Plain Sight doesn't overcome the need for cover/concealment in order to use the Hide skill, and you only can guarantee cover/concealment for 1 round per combat with Cloak of Deception and only if you've got a swift action available ─ though that still won't work in daylight.
    With all the remaining money, I just need to get creative.
    Smoke Sticks, Wands of Darkness, Flash Pellets, a pletora of items that don't consume even a small part of the wealth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    Bogus nonexistent custom magic item.
    Its still not custom, I forgot about that part of the Dorje rule, which is particularly silly one way or another. Let's use power stones instead. From the pricing given at the EPH, each would cost: 12.5x1(Power Level)x19(ML)= 237,5 gold to create, double that for market price, 475gp a pop. Allowing us to purchase 241 of those babies for the same price as the Dorje, and have some change. And they actually improve the Insight bonus by an aditional +1! I should have looked at that earlier, its cheaper than a Dorje, just less space friendly. I recon that base of operations you can buy with the money you still have is important now. You need what? 1? 2 of those a day? If you fight more than 1 mark that is!
    A custom magic item would grant me +6 insight bonus while worn, for a insanely cheaper price.
    Something like: Bracers of Combat Awareness:
    These bracers make you more aware and able to exploit your mistakes in combat. They grant +6 insight bonus on attack rolls. (Pricing: Bracer slots give combat bonus, so no extra modfier. Following WotC sugestion for the ring of true striking: 6^2*1000 = 36,000 gp, for always on bonus. Lets double that and add +6 luck bonus? 36,000*1.5+36,000 = 90k for +6 luck and +6 insight! Both could be obtained with the ammount I spent on that dorje mistake, and would me make the poor dragons with all my attacks even more often. Maybe I should add some damage boni too? Just joking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    There are just so many rules violations that I'm not going to bother with any more of this.
    There were 2, and due to distractions during the creation. And they were so big it took me 5 minutes after waking up to solve them. Also, thank you for actually improving this character! Who would have tought 240 ML 19 Power Stones, were cheaper than a dorje with the same power at ML 17! Who would have tought of that!

    @Aeryr: TWF still deals more damage, due to a simple problem: Sneak Attack doesn't double on crits. So you are hitting attacks a bit more often, but the raw damage output is lower. The whole debate of rogues and TWF is that. I won't argue tought, I would play your daring outlaw more often than said rogue, just because it seems a funnier character concept. My point was, statisticaly, TWF is a viable choice for rogues, as it meshes well with SA. I didn't bother with considering flanking because I was making the char as self suficient as possible. He can provide for all his buffs on his own trough items.
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