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There are just so many rules violations that I'm not going to bother with any more of this.
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There were 2, and due to distractions during the creation.
As a useful guideline, if you're distracted and haven't gotten the details right, you might not want to post and broadcast your unreadiness to the entire community.
  1. Illegal Mage Slayer feat (prerequisite not met)
  2. Illegal Shadow Blade feat (prerequisite not met)
  3. Illegal stance @ Swordsage 1 (not 1st level)
  4. 2 bogus custom items (scabbards). These don't exist in the game, and you need to be a magic item creator with Craft Wondrous Item, plus DM approval, to introduce such into the game. You don't have those.
  5. Illegal dorje (manifester level higher than allowed)
I stopped enumerating after the first 5 illegal components in your build. There were more, but (as I noted) I'm not going to bother fixing any more of them for you.