[Ilpholin's Office - Hatteress]

The Hatteress casually flips through the membership form as it is passed to her, only half-looking it over as the unoccupied side of her mind is left free to wander. She's never been one for paperwork, but with the crisp click of a pen, she sets to work filling it out, confidently whipping out the form as fast as she is physically able.

She briefly scans it over, proofing it for any mistakes she might've made upon setting about jotting it down on the form and hastily scratching a note beside the Name subsection of the report. She'll then attempt to slide the sheet to Ilphy in its final form.

Name: Roxanne Du'laise Kennedy - Addendum: Prefers To And Insists On Operating Under The Pseudonym "The Hatteress" Publicly
Age: 21-ish Standard Solar Years
Sex: Female
Species: Kiroshandian
Profession: Tactician; Mathematician (Focus: Optimization)
Reason for joining AMEN: To amass allies of varied disciplines receptive to my methods, to establish camaraderie with others, and to accumulate power and influence in the Nexus as a whole.
Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN: The Best Training In Strategy That Money Can Buy; Optimization Expertise; Inventor and Innovator; Can Fly and Maintain Starfighters; Spatial Distortion and Reflex Enhancements; Intense Military Training
References (Victims preferred): The Hatter; Gateway HAC Corporation and Various Other Rival Company-Empires
Past Experience:
Zulu-Recon Force: Squadron Commander
Special Operations Division: Assault Team Charlie
Other Information: I tend to have difficulties taking excessive flak off of people and may be wont to brain a henchman if catch them spreading vulgar rumors about me behind my back.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you decide you wanted to run AMEN? There wasn't much of a power vacuum to fill and the position, from where I stand, seems more gut-wrenchingly stressful than disarming a live bomb. The experience 's longer lived too."