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Would you allow this feat?

Battle Experience
Prerequisite: none
Effect: You gain a permanent +1 bonus to hit, damage, armor class, saves, initiative, hit points and combat maneuvers opposed checks.
Special: you can select this feat multiple times. It's effects stack
Special: A fighter can select

I think this is still not as powerful as Knowledge Devotion, Craven, or Shock Trooper.
It's more powerful. Craven mostly just boosts damage, and boost it relative to your level. Given that hp also goes up relative to your level, that's only natural. Damage needs to scale.

To-hit, AC, Saves, Init, and combat maneuvers work differently. For those, you're working off a d20's range, which is static. I'd take this feat over any of those, especially since (unlike most of them) there's no prereqs or other investments necessary, and (unlike all of them) it can be stacked repeatedly.

I'm not sure what your point is though. None of those feats are under discussion yet.