I thought it might be interesting to categorize the feats, to see if the Feat Point Cost values are consistent. I think this would make it easier to evaluate the 3000 other feats from various sources.
{table]Feat Name|Feat Cost|Category|Categorization Notes
Improved Feint|8|action economy upgrade|a standard action is improved to a move action, or a move to swift, etc.
Quick Draw|5|action economy upgrade|
Rapid Reload|6|action economy upgrade|
Improved Critical|8|any attack, possible|always could apply
Combat Expertise|6|any attack, with trade-off|build-in trade-off you can choose
Power Attack|10|any attack, with trade-off|
Manyshot|7|any attack, with trade-off|
Blind-Fight|6|combat, situational, opponent(s)|you do not directly decide when this is applicable, because it varies by opponent
Cleave|7|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Dodge|5|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Great Cleave|4|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Greater Spell Penetration|5|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Improved Precise Shot|8|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Improved Turning|6|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Spell Penetration|8|combat, situational, opponent(s)|
Deflect Arrows|7|combat, situational, other(s)' choices|you can't create the needed situation, others do
Improved Counterspell|7|combat, situational, other(s)' choices|
Snatch Arrows|4|combat, situational, other(s)' choices|
Two-Weapon Defense|4|combat, situational, other(s)' choices|
Improved Flanking|8|combat, situational, your choices|you can try to create the needed situation
Mobility|4|combat, situational, your choices|
Mounted Archery|5|combat, situational, your choices|
Mounted Combat|6|combat, situational, your choices|
Point Blank Shot|6|combat, situational, your choices|
Ride-By Attack|8|combat, situational, your choices|
Shot On The Run|8|combat, situational, your choices|
Spirited Charge|8|combat, situational, your choices|
Greater Weapon Focus|6|every attack, definite; improved attack|can be used in every round of combat, usually every attack
Weapon Finesse|8|every attack, definite; improved attack|
Weapon Focus|7|every attack, definite; improved attack|
Greater Weapon Specialization|4|every attack, definite; improved damage|can be used in every round of combat, usually every attack
Weapon Specialization|5|every attack, definite; improved damage|
Knowledge Devotion|8|improved damage, situational, other expense, scaling|included because it's different from PHB feats, notably scaling
Extra Turning|8|limited count|a finite resource
Stunning Fist|8|limited count|
Toughness|3|limited count|
Combat Reflexes|8|combat, situational, other(s)' choices; limited count|two limiters here
Augment Summoning|10|magic|I failed to differentiate much among magic-related feats
Empower Spell|7|magic|
Enlarge Spell|7|magic|
Eschew Materials|4|magic|
Extend Spell|7|magic|
Greater Spell Focus|6|magic|
Heighten Spell|6|magic|
Maximize Spell|7|magic|
Natural Spell|10|magic|
Quicken Spell|10|magic|
Silent Spell|7|magic|
Spell Focus|7|magic|
Still Spell|7|magic|
Widen Spell|6|magic|
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting|3|More Attack(s) (with more precision damage possible)|'more attacks' groups many ways this is done
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting|4|More Attack(s) (with more precision damage possible)|
Rapid Shot|8|More Attack(s) (with more precision damage possible)|
Snap Kick|5|More Attack(s) (with more precision damage possible)|added as a Non-PHB example
Whirlwind Attack|9|More Attack(s) (with more precision damage possible)|
Trample|6|More Attack(s) (without more precision damage)|the mount attacks, probably without precision damage
Brew Potion|4|non-combat only|does not occur during combat
Craft Magic Arms and Armor|6|non-combat only|
Craft Rod|6|non-combat only|
Craft Staff|6|non-combat only|
Craft Wand|6|non-combat only|
Craft Wondrous Item|8|non-combat only|
Forge Ring|6|non-combat only|
Scribe Scroll|6|non-combat only|
Spell Mastery|6|non-combat only|
Track|5|non-combat only|
Improved Initiative|8|once per combat|used once per combat (unlike Power Attack)
Spring Attack|9|once per round|gives an attack that's designated as a standard action
Armor Proficiency (Heavy)|5|Proficiency|could probably be folded into category Remove Penalty
Armor Proficiency (Light)|5|Proficiency|
Armor Proficiency (Medium)|5|Proficiency|
Exotic Weapon Proficiency|5|Proficiency|
Martial Weapon Proficiency|4|Proficiency|
Shield Proficiency|5|Proficiency|
Simple Weapon Proficiency|3|Proficiency|
Tower Shield Proficiency|6|Proficiency|
Improved Unarmed Strike|4|Remove AoO|not as good as next
Improved Bull Rush|5|Remove AoO+Bonus|no AoO and a bonus on the opposed roll; this is a whole family of combat feats
Improved Disarm|6|Remove AoO+Bonus|
Improved Grapple|8|Remove AoO+Bonus|
Improved Overrun|6|Remove AoO+Bonus|
Improved Sunder|6|Remove AoO+Bonus|
Improved Trip|10|Remove AoO+Bonus; More Attack(s) (with more precision)|SoZ noted Improved Trip is better, and here it falls into two categories with no limiters
Far Shot|5|Remove Penalty|a penalty is removed or lessened
Improved Shield Bash|8|Remove penalty|
Precise Shot|7|Remove Penalty|
Two-Weapon Fighting|7|Remove Penalty|
Diehard|3|Remove Penalty|the inability to act is removed(?) - this was difficult to categorize
Run|4|Remove Penalty; action economy upgrade; Skills, Combat applicable|unlike Improved Trip, hitting more than 1 category does not mean higher value
Great Fortitude|7|Saves|
Iron Will|7|Saves|
Lightning Reflexes|7|Saves|
Acrobatic|4|Skills, Combat applicable|some skills apply in combat
Alertness|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Animal Affinity|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Combat Casting|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Deft Hands|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Magical Aptitude|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Stealthy|4|Skills, Combat applicable|
Skill Focus|5|Skills, Combat applicable (some); Skills, Non-combat (some)|
Agile|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|some skills do not apply in combat
Athletic|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Deceitful|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Diligent|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Investigator|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Negotiator|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Nimble Fingers|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Persuasive|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Self-Sufficient|4|Skills, Non-combat applicable|
Leadership|15|special case|As SoZ said:A truly game-breaking feat if used right
Ascetic Hunter|10|multiple class feature advancement|the best of two worlds
Daring Outlaw|10|multiple class feature advancement|
Swift Ambusher|10|multiple class feature advancement|[/table]

I don't intend to update this table -- consider it a snapshot of SonofZeal's primary table in the OP.

I'd really like to know how people would evaluate multi-class compatibility feats, like Ascetic Hunter, Daring Outlaw and Swift Ambusher. I would say these are 10's for multiple class feature advancement. [appended to table above]