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    Character Sheet
    Heinrich Bischof
    Human Pitfighter
    Exp: 75!
    Skills: Dodge Blow, Intimidate, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gossip, Speak Language (Reikspiel, Brettonian)

    Talents: Disarm, Quick Draw, SWG (Flail, Parrying, Two-Handed), Strike Mighty Blow, Very Strong, Sixth Sense, Super Numerate

    Trappings: Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Knuckle-duster, Buckler, Mail Shirt, Full Leather Armor, 5 gc

    Armor: Body: 3, Everywhere else: 1

    Physical Description: Heinrich is a tall, strong, and durable looking man, sporting plenty of odd scars from his profession as a pit-fighter. His hair dark is very closely cropped, yet he seems to have little to no beard. His armor appears as well used as the myriad of weapons Heinrich has strapped to him.

    Personality: Heinrich is a rather free-spirited individual, very un-fitting for his career choice of pit fighting, but it has served him well. He takes to others rather easily, but for the most part, his relationships with others are rather vapid, and more a means of passing time than developing any depth. He takes pleasure in the small things in life and is mostly out for himself, though he has been known to have a few too many honorable streaks in his life.

    Background: Heinrich was born in Middenland, and as he grew, he got accustomed to getting in, and winning, fights with the other boys. After his fifteenth winter, he made his way to Middenheim and fought in the pits for nearly a decade, traveling from city to city, improving his skills and fighting a breadth of foes. His wanderings had now brought him to L'Anguille, where he signed on for yet another trip.

    Talky bits will be in Royal Blue, because Heinrich is a royal dude.
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