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I'd really like to know how people would evaluate multi-class compatibility feats, like Ascetic Hunter, Daring Outlaw and Swift Ambusher. I would say these are 10's for multiple class feature advancement. [appended to table above]
I think you're off with describing Ascetic Hunter as "multiple class feature advancement" and "the best of two worlds". This feat advances unarmed damage with Ranger levels, but it doesn't advance favored enemy bonuses with Monk levels. The benefit which it does give is situational (actually nonexistent without another feat: Stunning Fist). So this feat and a 1-level Monk dip gives good unarmed damage; it's really just for Monk 1/Ranger X. It's a decent feat if you'll be making unarmed strike, so worth about 6 points due to dip cost and situational nature.

Swift Ambusher provides a boost to skirmish, but no boost to sneak attack, from combined Rogue+Scout levels. The only benefit on the Rogue end is in qualifying for some Ambush feats, which is definitely not worth the cost of a feat. Again, it's a dip feat: Scout 3/Rogue X, instead of a real multiclassing feat. Another situational feat with a high associated cost (a 3-level dip with loss of 1d6 sneak attack damage); worth about 5 points.

Daring Outlaw, on the other hand, gives full advancement to sneak attack, grace, and dodge bonus ─ useful features from both Rogue and Swashbuckler classes. Sneak attack is the stronger pick-up, especially since this feat as worded lets you achieve full sneak attack progression with zero Rogue levels. Fully worth 10 points; maybe 12.