Valid points. I was thinking about Daring Outlaw but wanted to list more than one of the type. I agree with 12 for Daring Outlaw, less for the others.

I guess that goes to show that these hybrid class feats should not be treated as their own category, but as more members of the other categories. We should look at what they do.

Daring Outlaw would fall into:
combat, situational, your choices + improved damage [improving Sneak Attack]
combat, situational, opponent(s) [improving Dodge]
Saves [improving Grace]
Ascetic Hunter would fall into:
every attack, definite; improved damage [damage die]
limited count [really an improvement to an existing limited count, Stunning Fist]
remove restriction [new category: multi-classing permitted where otherwise not]
Swift Ambusher would fall into:
combat, situational, your choices; +improved damage [skirmish damage]
combat, situational, your choices; +improved AC [skirmish AC]
limited feat type [new category: allowed as a Scout bonus feat]
Are these categories useful, or am I just muddying the water?

I'm keen on the idea that you can homebrew a feat, give it a low price for its situational type, and watch your players enjoy it. All the while it doesn't have to be a be-all-end-all improvement over all other feats.