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You'd probably be tired of the endless updates spawned by my random messages.

Sounds like a good doctrine. Anyone else care to weigh in?


Sorry for not posting in the IC for a bit. I was still holding out on Psymple to come, at least that he might not be far behind... it looks like to keep from falling into a different sort of pit, I'll have to keep playing and can't wait any more.

Expect a post later today.

Qwerty (though free for others to look, too):
I have come up with three different options, varying in practicality:

Plan A) Tie this Troll Gut Rope I have to a Crossbow Bolt, and fire the Bolt into the Celling. Grab the rope, climb up, and pull, retriving the Rope, but losing the Bolt in the process.

Plan B) Attempt to throw a Grappling Hook with 50 ft of rope attached to another party member, and use the rope support to climb up. Hopefully, they'd be able to hold onto the rope, or pin the hook into the floor some how.

Plan C) Climb. 5x5 Walls is about small enough that one could reasonably expect to be able to brace ones self against the sides and attempt to climb out. Depending on if I use Climbing Equipment as well, I should be able to make it to the top with little difficulty, although admitedly it'd be slow. I could use my sword to cut hand holds into the wall, as well...

Which one is the most viable? I think the only one that doesn't need asking for is C... but I like A the most. It sounds cool.
Those sound good at first thought, but remember that you fell 60 ft.