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    Simon will speak in Dark Slate Blue.

    Name: Simon
    Age: 15
    Career: Hedge wizard


    Background: Simon is the son of a L'Anguille fishwife, born nearly a year after his mother became a widow - a fact that, obviously, cast doubt on his legitimacy. He was always sickly in his childhood, and his keen intelligence was of little use to him since education was out of the question. He became known among his many siblings as "the useless one", not strong enough to fish, or dexterous enough to wield a harpoon, or even outgoing enough to sell fish on the public place. He was also very lazy, seeing all physical work as beneath him. As he grew up, he became increasingly contemptuous of the people of his own social class, viewing himself as more clever than them and destined for much better than a life of drudgery. Fate, he decided, had caused him to be born in the wrong class; he belonged to the thinkers, not the peasants. His attitude worsened over time and people began mockingly referring to him as the Barefoot Baron. Those who mocked him often met bad luck shortly afterwards, though no one could directly connect Simon with their misfortunes; not even Simon himself, who used his nascent aethyric powers without even realizing it. He had never lived without them, and would not know how to turn them on and off even if he were aware of them.

    A short time ago, a wizard and his apprentice arrived in L'Anguille from the Empire, claiming to be looking for young talents to be taught at the Colleges of Magic. Though unaware of his own powers, Simon heard his fate calling. Wizards were universally feared, and fear, he had learned while growing up in the worst streets of the city, could easily be turned into power and respect; two things he had always felt entitled to. He did not know that magical powers had to be innate, and was convinced that someone as intelligent as him could become a wizard with enough hard work. Armed with his technically true yet misled certainty in his ability to learn magic, he sought out the wizard and volunteered to join the fabled Colleges. It did not take long for the wizard to see that Simon showed promise... although his ego problem might prove troublesome.

    Before Simon's education could begin, however, the wizard's corpse was found floating in the river one night. The circumstances of his death were never made entirely clear, but the Watch suspected religious fanatics opposed to the wizard's recruitment mission. Simon and the wizard's apprentice, Valerie, were left to make their own way back to Altdorf, where Simon cannot wait to begin his education in the arcane secrets.

    WS: 24
    BS: 26
    S: 31
    T: 31
    Ag: 28
    Int: 40
    WP: 33
    Fel: 35

    W: 12 / 13
    Mag: 1
    FP: 1 / 2

    Skills: Channelling, Charm, Charm Animal, Common Knowledge (Bretonnia), Gossip, Haggle, Heal, Magical Sense, Perception, Search, Speak Language (Breton)
    Talents: Hardy, Hedge Magic, Petty Magic (Hedge), Super Numerate

    Equipment: Best craftsmanship quarter staff (+5 WS), dagger, common clothing, 3 healing poultices, healing draught
    Starting Gold: 9 gc

    Advances: +1 Magic, +5 Int, +5 Fel
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