With all the talk going around and around, Grim couldn't take it anymore. He threw his hands in exasperation and stalked back over to the dead body. "Dammit, Doreen, shut up! You asked for someone to find your daughter, we did that. If you don't like how we did it, think back to yesterday when you were sitting around crying about her being missing! Jesus, lady, you've got some nerve to bitch at us about answers ... you got what you wanted, now go home!"

Kicking the dead ghoul, he waved his pistol at it. "You want to know what's going on? Scary sh*!. You want more? Cuz I guarantee that you step across that line and the things that go bump in the night will be coming for you!"

Looking at Brando, he shakes his head. "Leave her alone ... let Mommy dearest handle it ... she's got it covered!"

Two things: 1) It's not a lot of fun when the rolling goes sour and what should've been an easy fake out has turned into a Mexican stand-off ...

2) Grim's not just being a **** (nor am I!), but he's blowing off some steam by way of his aspect "Hard-boiled" ... which means he's not the most sympathetic of sorts