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    Amber is quiet for a bit, amused at the woman's distress. She nods when Grim snaps, "As he said, you find things out you are risking things that go bump in the night coming for you. But you want the truth? Fine, let's hope you can handle the truth." She says. "I'm part of an organization that exist to keep those things from hurting people and stopping them when they do try. When they succeed I hunt them down for justice." She says. "And most of all when people with crazy powers go crazy, I cut them down. I'm what is known as a Warden and these two are people with special powers, GOOD people with special powers helping me with my REAL job."

    She opens her wallet showing it looks much different this time, "That badge I created, that beam I fired, it's magic. Yes, magic is real. That monster, a ghoul. Yes ghouls are real. That man? A vampire. Yes vampires are real, no they don't sparkle." She vents, "Now, ghouls do NOT infect people like its some video game, they are born. So something is wrong and to be honest I don't know what. Now if you would do me a favor, do you have a cellphone? I'd show you more magic, but if my badge creation, the attack on the ghoul, and the attack on the vampire, and the attack on that chain didn't prove it well then you'll have to wait because right now I'm getting REALLY pissed off due to a headache from overexerting my self trying to save a little girl while a mortal gets in the way and demands and harasses and yells!" She finishes with a yell as she grips her head trying to push the headache away.

    Amber's annoyed as hell and yes she's being snappy because of the headache and the stress mixed with the fact that she has a mortal butting in, a vampire that escaped, and a ghoul that might not be a ghoul if it somehow infected the girl. Now she has to get a hold of her boss and admit she can't do it and derp derp her job she sucks at. Given the last part isn't true, but its how she feels being a new warden and already have to get help lol
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