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    "It's probably because electronics don't work around me. I'll need you to make a call for me if it works again once you move further. Otherwise we'll head to my place and use my rotary phone." She says with a sigh, "I kinda screw over electronics. Can I trust you to make the phone call that can save your daughter while keeping it secret. Because I guarantee you that a normal hospital and the police can't handle vampires, magic, and ghouls."

    She list off the number she had for her regional commander. "He runs some detective business or whatever...tell him Warden Amber called and to please meet with her as soon as possible or something because there are some abnormal ghouls that might be trying to turn children." She says not entirely sure it was true, but figured it'd be simpler to give a message she thought was true and then tell her boss she was speculating when talking in person. Amber growled annoyed at having to ask for help so soon after starting her job, but at the same time knowing her pride would have to come second to informing the Wardens of these weird ghouls and saving the girl. She refrained from telling Doreen that she doubted the little girl could be saved and the main goal was to warn the Council for obvious reasons.

    "Oh...and bring one of those two with you if you have to go to the payphone. I don't want him coming back and going after you two."
    She adds. "I'll destroy the body and check for clues while you guys are gone."
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