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    "As for worrying about whether something is 'your style', the answer to that one is easy. It only counts as your style if you have the skill to do it any way you want, but chose this way." - Anonymous

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorg View Post
    Yay for Darling Harbour!
    Good catch ^^

    Perspective is a bit off on the water feature, and thus the footpath (note the distance between the top of the feature and the far pedestrian) and the short side of the pillar. The line of the back retaining walls don't square up with each other either.
    *Nod nod*

    All your figures (here and earlier) are coming together, though often seem stiff in their poses - could just be lack of shading + construction lines making them seem flat rather than the pose itself though.
    Most of the issues are fairly minor. For instance the girl with the staff (previous thread? long blonde hair) - her right-hand thumb is curled right over in a wide grip, but that would be really uncomfortable with something of that diametre. The thumb only really curls like that when gripping something narrow, like when in a fist.
    Also with her movement her hair would have a different line as in its current incarnation it doesn't seem to interact with her backpack and (if she's spinning around) curve around her body or (if she's just whipping her head) either not be visible or just the tip.
    Still a great pic and good to see your work improving
    Thanks for the advice, that's helpful to know ^^

    Day 384: Weapons Test Mrk. 2

    I took the time today to try out all those custom brushes I acquired and get a feel for what my toolset looks like here. I'll do more sketching at tonight's game, but between this and all the art-related reading I've done over the last day or two I'm feeling pretty enthused!

    Links - Brushes
    Links 2 Textures + Combinations

    Time: 30 minutes
    Music: Balloon Party

    EDIT: Did about an hour of P&P sketching after this tonight, not bad - much more consistent than I'm used to - but not worth the bother of uploading. Be content that it happened.
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