Fitz10019 - thanks for the table! I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet, but it looks handy!

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I respect SKR, but I almost literally LOL'd in front of complete strangers when I read the text of Combat Casting:

"since most of the time you're make Concentration checks are in combat so it's in your best interest to take this +4 feat over the general +3 feat"

You only get the bonus when casting on the defensive or when in a grapple.

If you are casting on the defensive or when grappling, you probably have not done something right, and that extra +1 ain't gunna help you. But that extra +3 may help against that archer or monk that is trying to disrupt your spellcasting through damage (which is not covered in Combat Casting)...
I also love how that very line has a grammar mistake.

Other gems - admitting that EWP is 50% as good as Weapon Spec but giving it 90% the cost, or describing Improved Initiative as "not quite as good as a +2/+2 skill feat because you normally can only use it once per combat".