Re: A 159 / A 162 No.
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Note that you still have to trace the circle, you just don't need to provide the material component when doing so. (E.g., you can just draw a finger through the dust.)
I can't find any support in the RAW for this (continuing to need the material component manipulations when you don't need the material components themselves). In fact, the rules suggest otherwise. For example, casting a spell from a scroll removes everything associated with material components. Also there's this, from page 137 of Rules Compendium:
Spellcasting creatures sometimes utilize the Eschew Materials feat to avoid having to use some material components.
That implies more than just not needing that component; you're also eschewing the normal associated manipulations.
To cast a spell, you must be able to speak (if the spell has a verbal component), gesture (if it has a somatic component), and manipulate the material components or focus (if any).