For the most part the dragon's attention is on the gunslinger at the moment. She seems to be the biggest threat and so she will be dealt with first and foremost.

The moment Enola puts her arm down (how the hell do you 'block' freezing water, anyway?) she's getting blasted with even more doom breath. Stomping her feet around to try to break free?

More dragon breath.

Diinuldrum managed to get her pinned down for a moment and he's not about to let up the advantage given how slippery she is. That dragon breath just keeps up like a freezing torrent that would make a fire-hose seem like a garden sprinkler.

And upon touching any solid surface? The water expands dramatically and crystallizes. Diinuldrum doesn't have any intention of stopping until Enola is trapped in several feet of solid ice.


Seems she managed to upset him. Though with his attention on her the Triplets and Rigel should be able to get some attacks in pretty easily.