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    Default Re: Light, Shadow, and Legend: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Three cheers for reboots!

    Chapter 8's Reference:

    No references for Chapter 9?! How could this be?!

    Chapter 9: Friends and Evolutions

    Okay, guys, I’ve done some research and it looks like next gym is a little out of our league. So, that means it’s grinding time.

    Hi, what’s your name?

    *sigh* My name is Marvin.

    You alright? You sound kinda down.

    I’m just as fine as ever, considering I have been stranded here for ten million years.

    What? Ten million years?

    Yes. I have been traveling with a pair of apes, a man from a small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse, and the ex-president of the galaxy. However, they conveniently forget to bring me along when they go off on one of their trips through time, and I end up being stuck on the same planet for eighty million years before they show up again like it has been ten minutes.

    This happens often?

    Yes. Because of their little trips through time, I am now seventeen times older than the universe itself.

    Sounds like a harsh life.

    Made all the worse in that I have a terrible pain in all the diodes down the left side of my body. My capacity for happiness you could fit into a matchbox without taking out the matches.

    Maybe you should come with us. Maybe we can help you.

    Help. Ha. If I know you, and I do, insofar as I know all organic life-forms, which is far too well, you will be completely unable to do anything but cause me misery.

    How so?

    They crashed me into a sun once. They left me on a ship about to hit a star, and they left me behind to teleport them away.

    Oh, come on, it won’t be that bad.

    Yes, it will.

    Well too bad, you’re coming anyway. Aron the robot Pokemon. Aron are paranoid androids who believe that their entire existence is misery.

    Are we done yet?

    Not by a long shot.

    Aww… I wanna smoke some shrooms…

    Now are we done?

    No, William.

    If I have to move, then nobody else gets to!

    What? That doesn’t make any sense.

    So what? It’s not my fault you won’t give me shrooms!

    William, just shut up.




    Okay, okay, you’re done! Just shut up!

    Man, have you ever lazed around in the sunshine? Nuthin’ like it, man.

    Ahm queen a’ tha werld!

    Say, Petey, if you’re a girl, how come they call you Petey?

    Well, Chief, mah real name’z Patricia. But ah waz a girl in a mahn’z werld, so the guyz gave me ah guy’z name.

    But wait? Why should ah be a girl in a mahn’z werld when ah could be ah mahn in a girl’z werld?

    Alright, Petey, you’re done. Good work.

    Thanks, Chief!

    Lidda, if you keep this up, I’m going to turn you in myself.

    But I didn’t do anything!

    That was refreshing!

    Kill… Infect…


    You’re doing it again.

    Not to worry, sir, it is merely my cold acting up again.

    No, you are not learning how to filch even more.

    But I can find you all sorts of good things!

    My finding gets even better!


    And even better!

    I wish your attack would get better.

    Okay, you’re done, Lidda.

    Yay! Now to find things!

    *urk* I feel funny.


    Yes, I know now what I must do.


    I must find all the things!


    I can now refresh myself more efficiently!

    Harvest… the… life… force…

    Nice work, Azgard!

    Yeah, we’re doing alright.

    Alright, take a break.

    Thank you, kind sir.

    The… harvest… is… not… complete…

    Ninja blade strike!

    Your powers are as nothing before the might of a ninja!

    None shall escape my blade!

    Ninja life steal!

    My power grows even more!

    A ninja already knows her foe’s every thought.

    Yeah, fat lot of good that’s gonna do us.

    Good job, Blackstar. Take a breather.

    Many thanks, sensei.

    You are most kind.

    Allow me to thank you for sharing with me your wisdom.

    I shall slay all who dare stand against you.

    I shall strike from all angles.

    My blows shall grow ever more devastating. I shall kill them all!

    Uhh… Azgard, you’re up.

    No problem.

    Alright, I think we’re good! Next stop: Brawly!

    Characters who speak in this chapter:
    Mr. Spore and... spores...
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