Upon hearing Grim's words, Amber hesitates for a moment before shaking her head, "Unlikely, he was by himself so most likely he was rogue and even if he wasn't it would be in the White Court's best interest to claim that he was." Amber comments, "Otherwise, they have to explain why a Warden was investigating a kidnapped girl who was NOT a willing target. She clearly didn't want to be there which means she wasn't one of their willing cattle. It's my job to stop them from attacking regular, unwilling mortals." She states with a shrug, "Plus he tried to throw a mental against Doreen according to her...and what all of us will say, thus meaning we came to investigate, he lied to a Warden about her being a willing cattle in his area, and then he threw an attack at us first. Clearly it was an act of self-defense on our part and the warehouse was unfortunately caught in the cross-fire." She smirks, "I don't know about you, Grim, but I think lying outweighs the chance to destroy some Vampire territory and get away with it due to technicalities."