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    You sure this didn't accidentally end up in the wrong thread? Not that I'd mind, but this comes a bit out of nowhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganaut View Post
    While I realize that you go for fluff before crunch, I have to say those seem extremely unbalanced. Lowborn could have an HP bonus, Freemen could have a craft bonus or a diplomacy bonus. Clansman should have a weapon proficiency, martial for classes with simple weapons and exotic for classes with more weapon proficiencies. Just make sure you balance so that everyone isn't just a noble, or outside the system entirely.
    I'm still aiming in at thematic themes, definitive hard stats will come later when I know what kind of numbers I am actually working with.

    But making the lower castes viable and interesting has proven to be difficult under any rules system I've been dabling with. Nobles and warriors are easy, and outcasts living in the cracks of society also provide lots of hooks.
    But regular farmhands and household servants? They just don't bring any special talents that would benefit in an adventurers life.

    Just giving them lots of minor bonuses is one way to level the field a bit, but I always feel like that's a cheap solution. You still don't get anything that shines and causes rules bloat.
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