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[Stormy Peak]

Something about this doesn't seem entirely bright, firing a crossbow bolt into the vortex of swirling clouds the dragon seems to be flying within.
Up until this moment, it hadn't noticed the two intruders yet, to leave the storm and "greet" them.

But as the bolt falls into the winds and gets torn away, slicing just past the concealed wyrm's face, it becomes very aware.
Very displeased.

There is another cry from within the storm, before a small hole appears within the clouds.
Within is briefly visible a massive dragon's face, before it gets obscured by a massive beam of water, condensed and pulled from the surrounding air.
And aimed directly into Yolvich's general vicinity.

The dragon is just behind the beam as it fires, tearing away from the storm itself and snapping closer to the peak.

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Stormy Peak

As Yolvich curses, throwing another harpoon bolt on the crossbow, he looks up to notice the burst of water coming at him. He hastily raised his shield, which just caused him to become knocked back a fair distance. Fortunately, Monster Hunters tend to have this happen a lot to them, so being able to recover from being knocked back by flying leviathans tended to be an essential survival skill, getting up, he readied his sword and buckler just in time to see the giant wyvern descending. Holstering his crossbow on his back, he rushed forward, circling around the wyvern, shield and sword raised.
It seems that Damon is simply going to watch Yolvich and the dragon for the moment.
Okay then.

The beast stares down at Yolvich for a brief moment, turning to keep the man in front of it as he circles.
For the slightest time, it seems merely curious.
And then it roars, once again drowning out all other noise, as air currents swirl around its body and it proceeds to bull-rush straight towards Yolvich with the momentum of a runaway train.

Enough fanfare and observation, the dragon has deemed it playtime.