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    Nature: Pedagogue (His true nature is best served helping others with the knowledge and tales that he has accumulated in his life.)
    Demeanor: Conformer (Outwardly, he puts on a slight facade of being the one who would never challenge the established order of things despite how he really feels. Every now and then, this facade will slip)

    Both are taken from the VTM corebook, since I don't have the Werewolf player's guide. About every single tribebook (which, thanks to garage sales, I owned before getting the core book), but not the Player's Guide.

    Psiclone: That idea sounds pretty good to me.

    "Speaking color"


    Gerald Robinson: The head of the local historical society and a supporter of the local Parks and Recreation board, Jerry Robinson has been a friend of Jason's for the past few years. When researching local history, even on the esoteric side, Jerry's one of the men to go to.

    Brief Biography

    Spending the majority of his life being bounced around from various foster home to foster home, Jason Davis never thought that his life would be anything other than mundane and filled with an inability to really connect with people and poverty. After all, that's what was expected of him, wasn't it?

    He did, however, love to read and used the various fictional worlds that existed in books as a sort of escapism. It was odd, however, that he always seemed to have a basic feeling of how the story was going to turn out within the first page on almost every book.

    He was also blessed with a great creativity and loved writing his own short stories and poems as a child. It was then that the nightmares started. Running through the woods, the taste of blood and the thrill of the hunt. At first thought, they were simply the products of his very active imaginations, but an incident when he was twelve changed all of that. After learning that he'd be removed from the foster family that he'd been with for the past four years, the dream became even more vivid. He dreamed that he was taller than any other man and more powerful than ten. He raced through the streets of the town and devoured several small animals in his rage.

    The newspaper the next morning about a rash of pet mutilations were particularly disturbing.

    It was then that a local tribe of Garou realized that perhaps they had missed a wayward cub along the way. Brought into the family and taught about what he was, Jason absorbed the knowledge eagerly. At least now he would have some sort of purpose in life.

    In recent years, Jason has adapted the odd balance between a "normal" human life and the life of his true heritage. He joined the Glass Walker, tribe, whom he jokes have just become too damned used to city life to change. Living in Chicago, Jason has made a brief career as an author of local history, a job he also intends to do in his pack.
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