Good dodging Morbit!

Freddie whirls around, the Claw of Chatturgath ready to cause some damage if the need arises. Hmmm... Just a lesser troll. Not much bigger than a human and not terribly tough.


The natural abilities of the trolls from Freddie's home world may prove useful!

Morbit chomps the monster and may gain one of the following traits.

1) Increased resilience of his hide
2) Increased strength
3) The ability to manipulate earth and stone on a small scale
4) Grow in power and size every time an animal the size of, say, a sheep or larger is slain near him. Which would of course compound with his growth as a result of feeding.

The sting, however, doesn't find a soft spot in the monster's hide this time around. The troll screeches and hefts one of its limbs at Morbit again!