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It seems that Damon is simply going to watch Yolvich and the dragon for the moment.
Okay then.

The beast stares down at Yolvich for a brief moment, turning to keep the man in front of it as he circles.
For the slightest time, it seems merely curious.
And then it roars, once again drowning out all other noise, as air currents swirl around its body and it proceeds to bull-rush straight towards Yolvich with the momentum of a runaway train.

Enough fanfare and observation, the dragon has deemed it playtime.
Yolvich prompty sprinted and dived to get out of the way. In fact, given the massive wind currents caused by the charge, he was propelled down a small slope, coming to a "gentle" rest against a rock that was jutting out. Regaining his senses, he rolled around to behind the rock, hopefully obscured from the monsteer's view while he caught his breath.