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    Default Re: [FwM] Recruitment/Plot/Recurring Character Thread

    And now a counterpart for her.


    Mareabian Knight Force
    Official Assessment Sheet

    SUBJECT NAME: Blueshield
    RANK: Commander
    PHYSIOLOGY: Subject is a female pegasus, aged approximately 24 years. Coat is pale blue in colour and well-maintained, with only occasional scarring. Mane and tail are smooth and silver in colour. Eyes are purple in colour and healthy. Body is small, but well-developed. No noteable physical disabilities. Mark is a shield, signifying protective talents.
    PSYCHOLOGY: Subject possesses strong mental capabilities. Shows signs of advanced education and a tendency to employ convoluted vocabulary, especially when displeased. Has a determined mindset, great seriousness, and strong desires to help others. Courageous; willing to take risks for the greater good. Some stubborn and cynical tendencies. Prone to exasperation and sarcasm at the shortcomings of other Knights. No noteable mental disabilities. No clear disloyalty.
    BACKGROUND: Born in Maredina, subject showed strong desires to protect others from an early age. Joined the Knight Force and passed tests with high marks. Managed to reach rank of Commander among the Knights due to strong leadership skills and more sensibility than any alternatives.
    ABILITIES: Good combat abilities, especially defensive; decent aerial speed and manoeuvrability; strong tactical knowledge; some skill with advanced technology.
    EQUIPMENT: One standard-issue Knight insignia band; stallium plate armour for body and wings; one gloomium helm; one iron shortsword; one steel shield with a lion emblem; one iron hammer; one high-power repeating arbalest; two cases of eighteen armour-piercing steel crossbow quarrels; one case of specially-designed attachments for aforementioned quarrels.
    ASSOCIATIONS: Nemesis to the Agrabuck Fennec Night Jewel.
    ASSESSMENT: Subject has inborn talent and high loyalty, but few specialized skills. Upon reading, showed signs of displeasure at style and tone of assessment form, suggesting possible questioning of traditional Mareabian Knight methods. Further evaluation needed.
    STATUS: Active; tracking the Agrabuck Fennec.
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