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    "Sweet, alright then," She says lifting her hand and waving it all over "Feu" She says simply as fire burst from her hands and aims everywhere.


    Shifts of power: 5 (divided out to spread the fire all over to hit multiple targets so its a weak fire but all over. Perhaps three on the ghoul then one and one? Or two, one, one, one?)
    (4d6)[2][4][3][5](14) +5
    Need: 5
    Total: 5

    If I can I'm taking that stress damage, thus I'm taken out and she passes out from too much magic use. If I can't cast the spell and take damage at same time then moderate consequence: extremely exhausted

    As she tried to control the spell she suddenly stumbled backward confused. "What the..." She said surprised. "I can't..." She gripped her head and nearly stumbled over.
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