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    Tier 1
    Baneseeker [Divine, Vancian, Healer, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage, Scout]
    Golden Alchemist [Unique, Face, Magic, Moneymaker]
    Mahou Kodomo [Japan, Face, Healer, Magic]
    Metagamer [Silly, Arcane, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage]
    Psi-shade [Psionic, Shadow, Magic]
    Ritualist [Arcane, Vancian, Crafter, Magic]
    Scholar [Arcane, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Sage]
    Shadow Artificer [Infusions, Shadow, Crafter, Magic, Ranged]

    Tier 2
    Biollurgist [Vancian, Buffer, Healer, Magic]
    Blasphemous Preacher [Arcane, Binding, Divine, Face, Magic, Sage]
    Blue Mage* [Video Game, Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Ranged]
    Blue Mage [Video Game, Magic, Melee]
    Channeler [Divine, Invoker, Face, Healer, Magic, Melee, Ranged]
    Dementist [Buffer, Face, Magic]
    Deviant [Divine, Vancian, Magic, Sage, Scout]
    Ebon Initiate [Arcane, Invoker, Crafter, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged]
    Eventide Magus [Arcane, Shadow, Vancian, Magic, Expanded]
    Exarch of the Emerald Shield [Comic, Unique, Crafter, Healer, Magic]
    Hakurei Shrine Maiden [Oriental, Video Game, Arcane, Vancian, Face, Magic]
    Haruspex [Arcane, Vancian, Buffer, Magic, Sage]
    Incarnation [Divine, Face, Magic]
    Jinnblood [Divine, Invoker, Face, Magic, Ranged]
    Kathodos [Various Media, Unique, Buffer-Self, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage, Incomplete]
    Limit Mage [Video Game, Arcane, Unique, Vancian, Magic, Expanded]
    Limit Psion [Video Game, Psionic, Unique, Magic, Sage, Expanded]
    Monstrous Armiger [Unique, Magic, Melee, Scout, Tank]
    Sanguine Knight [Melee, Tank]
    Summoner [Arcane, Vancian, Buffer, Magic]
    Tendersoul [Divine, Vancian, Buffer, Healer, Magic]
    Teramach [Buffer-Self, Melee]
    War-Marked [Original, Unique, Melee]
    Witch [Arcane, Vancian, Debuffer, Healer, Magic, Melee]
    Wordsmith [Video Game, Crafter, Magic, Melee]
    Worldrender [Original, Unique, Debuffer, Face, Healer, Magic, Melee]

    High Tier 3
    These classes generally have much higher levels of power than average Tier 3 classes and may have a gamebreaker or two, but nothing that would bump them up to Tier 2. Effectively, this is a kind of "Borderline Tier 2-3", but for purposes of player class choice I consider this Tier 3, personally.
    Avatar [Divine, Vancian, Face, Healer, Magic, Melee]
    Blade Scholar [Martial Adept, Melee, Sage]
    Botanist [Unique, Buffer-Self, Healer, Magic, Scout]
    Chronoshifter [Original, Unique, Buffer, Debuffer, Healer, Magic, Expanded]
    Courtier [Arcane, Vancian, Buffer, Face, Magic, Sage]
    Dark Knight [Video Game, Unique, Buffer, Debuffer, Healer, Magic, Melee, Tank]
    Delirium Blade [Unique, Debuffer, Melee]
    Elder [Divine, Vancian]
    Emberhaunt [Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Ranged, Sage]
    Eternal Royal [Video Game, Martial Adept, Face, Melee, Roleplay]
    Grandmaster [Arcane, Vancian, Buffer, Healer, Magic]
    Greybeard [Video Game, Unique, Buffer-Self, Face, Magic, Melee, Expanded]
    Gunslinger [Modern, Martial Adept, Ranged, Scout]
    Harrowed [Horror, Unique, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Melee]
    Legend [Tank, Melee, Fix]
    Legendary Warrior [Martial Adept, Face, Melee]
    Machinist [Gamechanger, Steampunk, Martial Adept, Crafter, Melee, Sage, Roleplay]
    Magister [Arcane-Unique, Magic, Sage]
    Nord's Blade [Gamechanger, Martial Adept, Face, Melee]
    Ozodrin [Horror, Melee, Scout, Tank]
    Planeswalker [Arcane, Vancian, Face, Healer, Magic, Sage, Scout]
    Primordialist [Martial Adept, Face, Melee, Sage, Scout]
    Protean Chimera [Magic, Melee, Scout, Tank]
    Rappeler [Arcane, Vancian, Buffer, Magic, Sage]
    Scholar [Video Game, Martial Adept, Melee, Sage]
    Shapeshifter [Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Son of Man [Divine, Vancian, Buffer, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage]
    Soulblade [Incarnum-Unique, Martial Adept, Magic, Melee]
    Soulweaver [Horror, Face, Healer, Magic]
    Stoner [Binding-Unique, Face, Melee, Ranged, Trapmonkey]
    Teleporter [Gamechanger, Arcane, Vancian, Face, Magic]
    Temporalist [Gamechanger, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Scout]
    Vector Witch [Japan, Arcane, Vancian, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Ranged]
    Void Disciple [Gamechanger, Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Sage]
    Warmaker [Unique, Magic, Melee, Sage]
    Witch [Unique, Face, Healer, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Xenoalchemist [Horror, Unique, Healer, Sage, Expanded]

    Tier 3
    Battle Psychic [Martial Adept, Psionics, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Bemäntelter Schatten [Binding, Psionic, Shadow, Face, Magic]
    Chorister [Divine, Vancian, Buffer, Face, Healer, Magic]
    Chozo Warrior [Sci-Fi, Video Game, Melee, Ranged, Scout]
    Companion [Arcane, Vancian, Face, Magic, Sage, Scout]
    Conceptualist [Unique, Magic, Melee, Ranged]
    Connoisseur [Horror, Unique, Face, Melee, Expanded]
    Convoker [Arcane, Vancian, Magic]
    Corrupted [Martial Adept, Melee]
    Dawnblade [Divine, Vancian, Healer, Magic, Melee]
    Debaser [Arcane, Vancian, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Fix]
    Devil Hunter [Video Game, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage, Scout]
    Divine Champion [Divine, Vancian, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged]
    Dovahkiin [Video Game, Arcane, Unique, Buffer-Self, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Expanded]
    Dovahkiin [Video Game, Unique, Buffer-Self, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage, Scout, Incomplete]
    Earth Dreamer [Arcane, Vancian, Magic]
    Engineer [Steampunk, Unique, Crafter]
    False Prophet [Video Game, Magic, Sage]
    Flowists [Original, Unique, Buffer-Self, Face, Melee, Sage, Scout]
    Gambler [Buffer, Debuffer, Face]
    Green Knight [Divine, Vancian, Face, Healer, Melee]
    Grimwight [Horror, Unique, Melee, Scout, Expanded]
    Hemoscribe [Horror, Original, Unique, Face, Magic, Melee, Scout, Incomplete]
    Improviser [Martial Adept-Unique, Healer, Melee, Scout, Trapmonkey]
    Indigo Trickster [Arcane, Invoker-Unique, Buffer-Self, Face, Magic, Melee, Scout, Trapmonkey]
    Invisible Guardian [Face, Melee, Scout, Tank]
    Jack of All Blades [Martial Adept, Melee]
    Kaijin [Modern, Japan, Martial Adept, Buffer-Self, Melee, Ranged]
    Kensei of the Five Rings [Martial Adept, Melee, Scout]
    Kyodai [Japan, Melee]
    Librarian [Arcane, Divine, Martial Adept, Sage]
    Limit Dragoon [Video Game, Unique, Face, Melee, Tank, Expanded]
    Lord of the Uttercold [Japan, Arcane, Vancian, Face, Magic, Melee]
    Magus of Blades [Arcane, Martial Adept, Vancian, Buffer, Magic, Melee]
    Malefactor [Unique, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Melee, Tank, Fix]
    Mamono [Unique, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Masque [Horror, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Melee]
    Olympian [Pathfinder, Face, Melee]
    Overdrive Knight [Video Game, Face, Magic, Melee, Expanded]
    Primal [Arcane, Invoker, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Sagittarius [Healer, Ranged, Scout]
    Sentai [Modern, Japan, Martial Adept, Expanded, Buffer, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Scout, Tank]
    Shield Warrior [Martial Adept, Melee, Tank]
    Soul Devourer [Invoker, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Melee]
    Soul Disciple [Incarnum, Martial Adept, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Spellbound [Original, Arcane-Unique, Buffer-Self]
    Storm Lord [Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Ranged, Scout]
    Sublime Archer [Martial Adept, Ranged, Scout]
    Sublime Matador [Martial Adept, Face, Melee, Sage]
    Sublime Sohei [Martial Adept, Melee, Fix]
    Traveler [Psionic, Melee, Scout]
    Trueforged [Melee, Ranged]
    Warlord [Martial Adept, Buffer, Face, Melee, Tank]
    Warrior-Poet [Martial Adept, Buffer, Face, Melee]
    Wavekeeper [Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Scout]

    Borderline Tier 3-4
    High Tier 4 or Low Tier 3, either way they mean the same: classes that are just a little behind in either versatility or power to really make the Tier 3 cut, but standing above most Tier 4s, they could fall in either Tier depending on the level of optimization used.
    Arbiter [Divine, Vancian, Buffer, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Scout]
    Blackguard [Divine, Invoker, Face, Magic, Melee]
    Blood King [Unique, Face, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Gamechanger]
    Cardcaller [Video Game, Unique, Magic, Scout]
    Cultist [Divine, Shadow, Face, Magic, Ranged, Expanded]
    Dabblemaster [Original, Arcane, Binding, Divine, Incarnum, Infusions, Invoker, Martial Adept, Psionic, Shadow, Truenames, Buffer, Face, Magic, Sage, Scout]
    Destined Hero [Gamechanger, Melee, Ranged, Tank]
    Disciple of Anima [Unique, Buffer, Debuffer, Healer, Magic]
    Elemental Adept [Invoker, Magic, Ranged]
    Gaoler of Frostflame [Unique, Debuffer, Magic, Ranged]
    Iron Man [Pathfinder, Steampunk, Magic, Ranged]
    Limit Freak [Horror, Video Game, Unique, Melee, Expanded]
    Machiavellian [Original, Any Genre, Buffer, Debuffer, Face]
    Magitech Templar [Steampunk, Magic, Melee]
    Pariah [Horror, Unique]
    Runewarden [Arcane, Vancian, Magic, Melee]
    Solar Ascendant [Magic, Melee, Ranged]
    Soulblade [Incarnum, Melee]
    Sniper [Ranged, Scout, Fix]
    Spiderblood Assassin [Comic, Melee, Scout, Trapmonkey]
    Tainted Scion of Venom [Comic, Melee, Scout]
    Twilight Caster [Unique, Magic, Incomplete]
    Witch Doctor [Horror, Buffer, Debuffer, Face, Magic, Incomplete]

    Tier 4
    Note that Tier 4 is not bad. Tier 4 is is, after all, "capable of doing one thing quite well, but often useless when encounters require other areas of expertise, or capable of doing many things to a reasonable degree of competance without truly shining." Many great classes are Tier 4.
    Alchemist [Invoker, Crafter, Magic, Sage]
    Barrier Mage [Arcane, Vancian, Magic]
    Battle Shinigami [Oriental, Japan, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Biskmatar [Video Game, Melee, Tank]
    Blademaster [Martial Adept-Unique, Melee]
    Chosen Warrior [Video Game, Buffer, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Death Knight [Video Game, Unique, Magic, Melee]
    Drunken Master [Melee]
    Dualists [Gamechanger, Original, Melee]
    Ephemeral Watcher [Shadow, Melee, Ranged, Scout, Expanded]
    Esper Knight [Television, Incarnum-Unique, Magic]
    Gentle Fist Adept [Oriental, Japan, Melee, Scout]
    Jester [Arcane, Vancian, Face, Magic, Melee, Tank]
    Kido Shinigami [Oriental, Japan, Divine, Vancian, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Limit Knight [Video Game, Unique, Crafter, Melee, Tank, Expanded]
    Limit Monk [Video Game, Unique, Melee, Expanded]
    Limit Ninja [Video Game, Unique, Melee, Scout, Expanded]
    Limit Sniper [Video Game, Unique, Crafter, Ranged, Expanded]
    Magician [Arcane, Vancian, Crafter, Magic]
    Mind-Filcher [Magic, Ranged, Scout]
    Muse [Face, Magic]
    Plague Doctor [Buffer, Debuffer, Healer, Melee]
    Psychotherapist [Unique, Face, Magic, Sage]
    Punchmaster [Melee]
    Pyromancer [Face, Healer, Magic, Ranged]
    Runner [Melee, Scout]
    Sentinel [Melee, Tank]
    Shield [Melee, Tank]
    Skirmisher [Animation, Magic, Melee, Scout]
    Solar Avatar [Comic, Melee, Scout]
    Speedster [Comic, Melee, Scout]
    Thief-Acrobat [Melee, Scout]
    Werewolf [Melee, Scout, Tank]
    White Clad [Video Game, Face, Melee, Scout, Expanded]
    Z-Fighter [Japan, Melee]

    Tier 5
    If your class is here, consider reworking it. Unless Tier 5 was your aim.
    Barkeeper [Crafter, Face, Melee]
    Botanimorphist [Magic, Melee]
    Channeler of the Planes [Divine, Vancian, Magic]
    Fanatic [Face, Melee]
    Farmer [Silly, Historical, Melee]
    Grappler [Melee]
    Handyman [Face, Healer, Sage, Scout, Trapmonkey]
    Hollow [Shadow, Melee, Scout, Expanded]
    Liberal Arts Major [Silly]
    Midnight Seer [Shadow, Magic, Sage]
    Swift Kinetic [Comic, Ranged, Scout, Trapmonkey]

    Tier 6
    Pity the common man, for he is powerless.
    Redshirt [Gamechanger, Silly, Television, Buffer, Debuffer, Tank]

    Variable Tier
    Assume that you always need special permission to play one of these classes if I am DMing for you. This is because depending on your choices within the class, these classes can vary from Tier 5 all the way up to Tier 2 or even 1.
    Servant Soul [Japan, Arcane, Vancian, Healer, Magic, Melee, Ranged, Sage, Scout]
    It starts as a decent Tier 4 class that slowly creeps upwards as you gain access to more Heroic Spirits, but never gets into Tier 3, lingering in Borderline 3-4. Anyone who takes Assassin early has access to a low-level gamebreaker, making them briefly Tier 2, but this balances out from level 6-7 onwards.

    Stylist [Face, Magic, Sage, Trapmonkey]
    Most of the Styles are Tier 4, which combined make a decent Tier 3 or at least a Borderline Tier 3-4 class, but some of the Styles bring it up to Tier 2. Beastly and Cosplay in particular.

    Traveller [Original, Arcane, Divine, Face, Sage]
    The Traveller is a Variable Tier class because it’s casting mechanic is effectively like the cleric’s in practice and they can choose what class’ spell list they have access to. Thus, they can choose the Cleric, Druid or Sorcerer/Wizard spell list, which would make them Tier 1. Any other class’ spell list that includes spells up to level 9 will make the class a Tier 3. Choosing a spell list that only goes up to level 4, 5 or 6 makes this class Tier 4.
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