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    Homebrew Fix Classes Tiers
    This section of the Homebrew Tier Compendium is different from the Tiering above. That is because this section specifically deals with Fix Classes. Fix Classes are homebrew classes that have the stated intended purpose of fixing, retooling, revising or reworking official D&D classes. Classes that are stated to be intended derivatives of official classes to replace a part of them, such as specialist Sorcerers in the same vein as Beguilers, Dread Necromancers and Warmages, are also to be listed here.

    Fix classes will generally only be listed if they actually up the Tier of the class they are supposed to fix or lower it in case of Tier 1 and Tier 2 classes. Fix classes that are different enough from the original may form an exception, though it is most likely no longer a Fix, but an actual, full-blown homebrew class.

    The Tags in this section are a little different. Instead of filling in Inspiration and Genre (which are prettymuch the same as the original, official D&D classes they are supposed to fix), these classes get Tags that show who made them and what official classes they replace. This is because some DMs may think certain homebrewers have a great general balance point or execution of concept, thus allowing their work, but not those of others. The classes get Tags that show what classes they are supposed to replace as well, even though most of the Fix classes are named the same as the class they are supposed to replace. This is because it is not obvious in all cases.

    Tier 1
    Fightificer [Ziegander, Fighter -- Martial Adept]

    Tier 2
    Summoner [T.G. Oskar, Summoner]

    High Tier 3
    These classes generally have much higher levels of power than average Tier 3 classes and may have a gamebreaker or two, but nothing that would bump them up to Tier 2.
    Elocater [Jarian, Elocater, Psion (Nomad) -- Psionic]
    Fighter Incarnate [Ernir, Fighter]
    Monk [Jiriku, Monk]
    Sorcerer and Wizard [Eldan, Sorcerer/Wizard -- Arcane, Non-Vancian]
    Soulknife [Garryl, Soulknife -- Invoker, Psionic]
    Spellthief [Jarian, Spellthief]

    Tier 3
    Ascetic [Jarian, Monk]
    Duskblade, Psionic [Risada, Duskblade Variant]
    Fighter [Lemmy, Fighter -- Pathfinder]
    Jester [DonQuixote, Jester]
    Marshal [PId6, Marshal -- Martial Adept]
    Monk [lunar2, Monk]
    Ninja [Circle of Life, Ninja -- Unique]
    Open Palm [Veklim, Monk]
    Quixotic Knight [DonQuixote, Knight]
    Ranger, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Ranger -- Divine, Vancian]
    Rogue, Sublime [sirpercival, Rogue]
    Shaman [Prime32, Shaman -- Binding]
    Shugenja [Agent_0042, Shugenja]
    Soulknife [Prime32, Soulknife]
    Swift Hunter [Jiriku, Ranger, Scout -- Divine, Vancian]
    Swashbuckler [PId6, Swashbuckler -- Martial Adept]
    Swashbuckler, True [SneeR, Swashbuckler]
    Village Priest [Dspeyer, Cleric -- Divine, Vancian]
    Warlock, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Warlock -- Arcane, Invoker]
    Warmage, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Warmage -- Arcane, Vancian]

    Borderline Tier 3-4
    High Tier 4 or Low Tier 3, either way they mean the same: classes that are just a little behind in either versatility or power to really make the Tier 3 cut, but standing above most Tier 4s, they could fall in either Tier depending on the level of optimization used.
    Bard [DonQuixote, Bard -- Non-Arcane, Non-Vancian]
    Bez-Kismet [T.G. Oskar, Hexblade -- Arcane, Vancian]
    Daring Outlaw [Jiriku, Rogue, Swashbuckler]
    Healer, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Healer -- Divine, Vancian]
    Marshal, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Marshal]
    Paladin, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Paladin -- Divine, Vancian]
    Soulknife [Risada, Soulknife]

    Tier 4
    Note that Tier 4 is not bad. Tier 4 is is, after all, "capable of doing one thing quite well, but often useless when encounters require other areas of expertise, or capable of doing many things to a reasonable degree of competance without truly shining." Many great classes are Tier 4.
    Bard, Invoker [RedWarlock, Bard]
    Fighter [Derjuin, Fighter]
    Fighter [Wayfare, Fighter]
    Hexblade [Semi-Official Fix]
    Knight Champion [Person_Man, Fighter, Knight, Paladin, Samurai]
    Monk [Amechra, Monk]
    Monk Lite [T.G. Oskar, Monk]
    Monk [UserShadow7989, Monk]
    Ninja, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Ninja]
    Samurai [Ziegander, Samurai -- Psionic]
    Samurai, Retooled [T.G. Oskar, Samurai]
    Scoundrel [Circle of Life, Rogue, Swashbuckler]
    Shadowcaster [Semi-Official Fix]
    Warrior [Belial_the_Leveler, Fighter]

    Tier 5
    If your class is here, consider reworking it. Unless Tier 5 was your aim.
    Samurai [Kazy, CW Samurai]

    Tier 6
    Pity the common man, for he is powerless.

    Variable Tier
    Assume that you always need special permission to play one of these classes if I am DMing for you. This is because depending on your choices within the class, these classes can vary from Tier 5 all the way up to Tier 2 or even 1.
    Healer [Quellian-dyrae, Healer]
    While mostly fitting the low Tier 4 end like the normal Healer, it is still better at healing than its original. What makes it Variable however, is the Rejuvenation option of the Rites, which make it more equal to a Tier 2 if there is a Tier 2 in the party. Plus teleport shenanigans possibilities from level 10 onwards.

    Trissociate [JeminiZero, All Fix]
    This class highly depends on which Association you choose. Associations generally mimic already-existing official classes, so you can use the Tier of those classes to determine your Trissociate's Tier.
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