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I have seen many things using the "willingly fail a save/check/etc" clause, and I know where some of the citations of this are. But I have not found one saying you can willingly fail a dispel check. Is there a specific provision by RAW to allow willing failures on dispel checks, or is it just an assumption extended from a more general clause? If it exists, can I have a link/book and page number?
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The only reference I can find at all to "voluntarily failing" in the Rules Compendium relates specifically to saving throws:
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A creature can voluntarily forego a saving throw and willingly accept a consequence.
The section on Caster Level checks makes no mention of intentionally failing.

There is a feat (Arcane Mastery, CArc p.73) that allows you to Take 10 on a CL check (which may, in turn, result in failure), but that's the only other option I am aware of.