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Thread: Morph Bark's Homebrew Tier Compendium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welknair View Post
    As above, so below. All my stuff's free for review/inclusion. I tried to keep my bloodlines tier-3ish. Arcane Engineer is almost certainly Tier 1. Scattered PrCs are scattered.
    Bloodlines and PrCs and the like won't be included here, most likely. While I may do something of the sort in the far future, this is merely a start and as such only for base classes. There are plenty of interesting ones among those that haven't been seen yet. If you know any base classes that don't get mentioned by others, any hidden gems, please link them here! That way, I can look them over, Tier them and promote them to others so they get a chance to shine.

    Quote Originally Posted by The-Mage-King View Post
    If I do more base classes than I already have, feel free to tier 'em, too.
    Sure. If anyone makes a new base class, they are free to link it here. However, I will not Tier a class until it has been up for a while, to allow for some critique to form on it first. If there isn't much critique on it yet, linking it here might also make sure others see it and look it over.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeminiZero View Post
    Alas, I only have one homebrew to my name.
    Quote Originally Posted by Melayl View Post
    Feel Free to tier my one-and-only base class (in my sig), and any other stuff I happen to come up with in the future.
    People who have only one class to their name may actually find that I look their work over sooner than those people who have a whole bunch. Gotta promote y'all, no?

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    I'd be happy to let you look over my work. Please let me know what you think. I put a lot of effort into creativity and flavor over power, so I would appreciate the feedback.
    While I agree in some part with the Stormwind comment, I'll be sure to give your work a look over. I'm not a fan of yours, but you do have some interesting stuff and plenty of it as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Gareth View Post
    By the by, anything of mine that you can find is free and open.
    This is partly why I told you to get an Extended Homebrew Signature, Gareth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Squish View Post
    I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into.
    Oh, I do. I definitely do... Don't worry though, if anyone gets feisty, I could always use more whipping practice, since grandma won't teach me no more.

    EDIT: To all who see this, I would really appreciate it if any obscure Homebrew or Homebrew not listed in the Extended Homebrewer's Signature thread would be linked here, perhaps with a short little promotion of it and explanation, what you like about it and think what Tier it would be or what Tags it deserves. I will also go through the Base Class Challenge entries, so be sure to participate in them!
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