I have been using this system for about a year in my campaigns. I figured I might as well throw this up here to see what y'all thought of it.

In my campaigns, healing does not exist. There are no healing spells, potions, or abilities that heal. If a class has an ability that heals them, it is usually made to only affect themselves and I try to make sure that it doesn't give them an unfair advantage. It works similar to how it works in 4E (I think, never read that much into 4E)

Each class gets a certain number of Healing Surges. The stereotypical Big Stupid Fighters get 8 (Barbarian, Fighter, etc), fighters that are generally not Big Stupid Fighters get 7 (Duskblades, Ranger, etc), 'specialist' fighters get 6 (Druids, Clerics, Monks, etc), and primary casters that generally the stereotypically don't go into battle get 4 (Wizard, Sorcerer, Psion). You then add half (rounded up) of the character's base constitution modifier to that number to get the total Healing Surges per day. Note that enhancement bonus does not count. Each time a Healing Surge is used, the character heals for 1/4 HP. Multi-classing is generally handled by deciding where a character falls into (IE, Sorcadin is between 5-7).

A Healing Surge can be used in two ways. The first is as a Move Action and the second is as an Immediate Action. A Move Action Healing Surge (for ease, I will just call it Surge) uses N+1 Healing Surges (henceforth stated as Tokens) and an Immediate Action uses N+2 Tokens. N is calculated by the number of Surges taken in the last 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the N score resets.

For example, a Warblade with 60 HP and 16 base Constitution has 11 10 Tokens. After taking 30 points of damage in a single round, the Warblade decides to use a Move Action Surge to heal 15 HP. Since it is the first time it has been used in 5 minutes (the 5 minute rule generally just refers to a single combat), the Surge costs 1 token (N(0) + 1 = 1). On the enemies' turn, the Warblade uses an Immediate Action Surge to heal again for 15. This time, it costs 3 tokens (N(1) + 2 = 3). This trend continues until the Warblade goes 5 minutes without using a Surge.

This system means that the players are more restricted by the N score more than they are by there number of Tokens. An N score of 3 or 4 pretty much makes it impossible to use another Surge. However, after the combat, the player likely will be able to heal up. It also means that each character is responsible for their own health rather than having someone play a class capable of healing. Included in that, it means that no one has to play a Cleric/Druid if they do not want to. Tokens reset after total rest.

I have noticed a lot more tension in the fights with this system. I have seen my players contemplate this action many times: "Hmmm, I can't afford an Immediate Action Surge so if I need to heal, I need to do it on my turn. However, if I do that, than I can't full attack. What is better; playing it safe or risking it to kill him?"

As a DM, it also makes the random trap that does 11 damage worthwhile. Rather than use up a charge from the wand of lesser vigor, it actually costs the players a valuable and limited resource.

It might be just a "Well, it works in *my* campaign!" and just completely fails elsewhere. Any thoughts?