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"ah a fine choice my lady. Though I'm afraid yours may take few minutes, so please excuse the delay." After starting the tea, he prepares himself a stiff drink before sitting himself across from Sir Grim and Giselda. He takes a few sips, swirling the amber liquid around before saying, " I have come to Neverwinter with the same intent as many of the young men my age have, a desire for fame, esteem, wealth all the delicious human vices." A brief pause follows as Oscar takes a larger sip of his drink. In a matter of voice he says, " The oppurtunities presented here offer a way to obtain all that and more." Another pauses follows as the glass is drained, " As for Fanter, I offered him employment and he was rather thrilled to work for me. His talents were being wasted you see , with me it is a synergetic relationship. Our talents are complimentary, and we have an arrangement that is beneficial for both of us."
Giselda smiles politely. "That sounds like a lot of excitement. Have you been to the Adventurer's Guild, then?"