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    Default Re: Light, Shadow, and Legend: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Okay, input time.

    1: Should I grab a Magikarp in Derfwood, or save it for later?

    2: On Route 110, I can get Plusle, Minum, Oddish, Gulpin and Electrike. Anybody want to suggest names/personalities?

    3: I kinda want to put Marvin on the main team. Anybody agree, and if so, who gets boxed?

    4: What level should I grind for and who should I bring to fight May? she has:
    Shroomish Lv. 18, Wailmer Lv. 18, Combusken Lv. 20
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    Light, Shadow, and Legend: a Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke
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