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Okay, input time.

1: Should I grab a Magikarp in Derfwood, or save it for later?

2: On Route 110, I can get Plusle, Minum, Oddish, Gulpin and Electrike. Anybody want to suggest names/personalities?

3: I kinda want to put Marvin on the main team. Anybody agree, and if so, who gets boxed?

4: What level should I grind for and who should I bring to fight May? she has:
Shroomish Lv. 18, Wailmer Lv. 18, Combusken Lv. 20
Grab one on one of the routes you can reach.

Plusie and Minun. Plus or Minus. Wants to find it's friend. Will stop at nothing to do so.

Oddish Eats pokemon that provide no nutritional value, in preparation for it's evolution. Thinks it will evolve into Vileplume

Guplin. Snack. Will try to eat your team if you have your back turned, will constantly complain about it's empty stomach.

Electrike Sirshocker. A follower of Spike.

Uh sure, put Azgard on the reserve.

Lv 20 and bring Petey, Mt.Spore, and William.