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    Alice Q

    Alias: Miss Q
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: Around 23, although she's not sure what her age is exactly.
    Alignment: Neutralish Goodish
    Profession: Currently, a saleswoman.
    Power Rating: E+, I think. Basically an average human in combat, with no crazy abilities or magic powers. No, seriously.
    Description: Alice is slightly taller than average, and very thin. Her skin is unusually pale, almost as if she is ill in some way. Despite this, she would probably be considered pretty by most people, if not beautiful. She has long, straight black hair, usually not very tidy. Her eyes are a vibrant green. She usually wears a white dress, and is rarely seen without her battered black top hat. She seems to favor her left arm, as if it is damaged in some way, although the only difference that can be seen is that it is slightly paler than her right. It is, in fact, the fifth arm that she has had, and hopefully it will be the last.
    Personality: Constantly filled with wonder by her surroundings, Alice is filled with enthusiasm and the joy of living. She does have some odd habits, true(such as her sometimes bizarre logic, and her tendency to overreact to situations), but her general outlook is quite sunny. In addition, she has an annoying selflessness, as if she cares more about others than herself. What a strange person!
    Equipment: Not much. Well, her top hat deserves mentioning. Although perfectly serviceable as a hat, it is much bigger on the inside, containing an extrademensional space perfect for storing objects of all sorts. Think Hat of Holding. She doesn't use the hat to show off, so even her closest friends usually have no idea what it can do.
    Also, various bits and bobs contained in said hat, most of which don't deserve mentioning.
    Backstory: To come later. It's a lot creepier than one would think.
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