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    Default Re: Explorers of Acacia - OOC thread, the Second

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    I had assumed I was out of the game or something, considering the reply to my last post was "You arrive at the adventurer's guild." Y'know, the place that hasn't been described at all, especially not to me. *insert snark emoticon here*
    Uh... . I'll remove my action for you. You can have control back then. NOTE: No one's "out of the game" unless I outright tell them that. If I forgot something, just tell me, and I'll sort it out.
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    Although being realistic, what the playground would ACTUALLY do is find the guy, then explain to him how fireballs are suboptimal and help him pick more optimal spells for terrorizing people. And we'd probably argue over what alignment his terrorizing was.