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Some of these feats are worth more in different kinds of games. For example Track is almost completely useless in urban campaigns but in a wilderness campaign where the PCs are on the hunt for escaped fugitives or dangerous monsters it becomes almost indispensable. For that reason it seems to be to be very difficult to choose appropriate points for a generic system because each game will be different.

Also Scribe Scroll (6 points) is more expensive than Brew Potion (4 points) though potions and oils are usable by anyone while scrolls are usable only by a caster of the same type as the maker. True there are costs for item creation and potions don't have the range of versatility of a scroll but surely that is balanced out and the costs should be the same?

I don't mind if you disagree but I'd like to understand the reasoning for the difference, small though it is.
Flickerdart kind of nailed it about Potions. They're almost invariably a horrible price for the benefit. Healing Potions are the most common, but almost any character is better off with some other method, even just a Healing Belt (MIC). Rare is the party where there isn't at least one spellcaster or someone who has UMD, and either of those are all that's necessary for wands and scrolls to absolutely dominate in any cost/benefit analysis. And if there isn't a caster or UMDer, who's taking this feat? Even 4 points is a bit harsh, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. It still gets a lower score than any other item creation though.

As to Track, I'm of the opinion that it's mostly a glorified plothook disguised as a class feature. Generally speaking, if the DM wants you to follow something they'll be able to give the context clues without the feat. That said, I've used it before, especially when combined with Scent, to gain advantage even in an Urban setting... but such uses are not major. It makes sense that some characters can track better than others, but there doesn't really need to be a feat for it in the first place. If it was just a survival/search roll in the first place, nobody would have cared.

Neither feat is worthless, but I think both are the sort of highly situational/marginal things that really can't be given much weight.